Product Uses

Calico Reusable Fresh Produce Bags

Your calico food storage bags are an amazing product and their versatility might just surprise you.

  • Go shopping and store your purchases in their while you're selecting them from the shelf.
  • Get the cashier at the shops to put your produce into them in order to get them to the car.
  • Dampen them and store your washed fresh fruit and veg in them in the fridge or freezer (yep! They work in the freezer, too!)

Want to know how to look after your bags?


Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

Your new beeswax wraps might just end your reliance on single-use plastic food wrap.

  • Individually wrap fruit and veg after they've been cut.
  • Wrap sandwiches for work or school.
  • Wrap over the top of a bowl of food for a party or to store for later.
  • Cover a dish of proving dough.

Want to know how to look after your wraps?



Know something we don't??

If you know of a unique* use for your reusable calico fresh produce bags or reusable beeswax wraps - which hasn't been listed here - send us an email. We'll list list your unique uses here, and we'll send you a $5 voucher for use when next you shop with us!


*The uniqueness of your suggestion will be assessed by the business owner and you'll be notified by return email if, and when, your individual suggestion is to be listed here.