"Itty Bitty" Reusable Food Wrap
"Itty Bitty" Reusable Food Wrap
"Itty Bitty" Reusable Food Wrap

"Itty Bitty" Reusable Food Wrap

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22cm x 22cm

Made in Australia

Made from:

  • Cotton {Organic Itty Bitty Wraps can be found HERE}
  • Pure Organic Australian Beeswax from Northern Light.
  • Organic Coconut Oil.

Environmentally friendly, Easy to Use, Reusable, Saves you having to use plastic wrap.

Simply place over your chosen vessel and hold firmly with your warm hands to gently warm the wax and create a gentle bond.

Nothing is watertight; These wraps are an environmentally friendly way of keeping your food for longer.

Simply wash with a warm, soapy water after each use, allow to dry and then fold or roll up individually (I recommend, for a longer lifespan for your wraps, that you roll them or store them flat).

Converting to reusable wraps may take some adjustment, so feel free to get in touch for tricks and tips for keeping your passion for these environmentally sound practices alive - contact@emmagarland.com.au

Don't feel disheartened. I promise you, these will soon become a normal way of life if you really try to use them in every day applications, and you'll feel really good about yourself while using them.