Due to the upcoming relocation of our manufacturing, to NSW, and as the silly season approaches, please allow an additional delay in receiving orders made between now and Christmas. 

- Emma

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single-use plastic

Too many single-use items

Not just plastic, but all things in our lives are most useful, and most environmentally friendly, when reusable. When using Emma Garland reusable calico fresh produce bags; and beeswax wraps, you're helping to reduce the production of single-use plastics & paper in your local grocery or supermarket, and in your own home!

Our kids' future

Emma Garland reusable calico fresh produce bags, bread bags, and pine resin-free beeswax wraps are a way for you each to look after the future of our children and ensure they've got a decent world to look forward to. Adapt your lifestyle to appreciate the quality and calm that comes from the patience and consciousness it takes to maintain a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It really matters.

All the good-looking people are doing it...

People are much sexier, getting around with their "E/ggplant G/herkin" reusable fresh produce bags by Emma Garland, than the chumps still using the plastic crap at the shops.

Let's also be honest. Our beeswax wraps are (in our not-so-humble opinion) the best looking wraps on the market!